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The Usual Way

The usual order, the usual way

There are lots of people out there who accept science when it’s convenient, but there’s a lot of things that science tells us that they don’t want to hear. And so then, they reject those so-called inconvenient truths. 

This sort of weird little way of doing things is not only true of creationists, it’s true of climate deniers, it’s true of AIDS deniers, anti-vaxxers, a whole bunch of various kinds of alternative medicines, it’s a very common threat and many of them have very similar strategies in the way they battle against the reality of science. 

This is a scary thing because they will accept what science has done in the way of give us progress and give us technology and give us transportation and yet they just don’t want science when he gets in the way of ideology or religion. That ideology and religion are just shorthand it turns out, but they’re always telling us, for wanting things to be the regular way. The way that we were used. 

The majority still doesn’t seek out the scientific revolution. The majority still hides behind the chasm. 

The people who don’t get it, the ones that are skeptical, the ones who stand in your way, the’re not stupid. 

Thomas Watson, in the 1940s, president of IBM said, “I think there is a world market for maybe 5 computers”. 30 years later, Ken Olsen, founder and president of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), the pioneers of the minicomputer, apparently he hadn’t learned the lesson from Thomas Watson, he said “there’s no reason anyone would want a computer in their home” He said this in 1977 after Apple computer had launched their product. 

Darryl Zanuck, who produced more than 200 moves, won an Academy Award and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame famously said, “Television won’t be able to hold on to any market it captures after the first six months, people will soon get tired of staring at a plywood box every night”. 

These people aren’t stupid, they’re in their industry, they’ve succeeded, they’re like us in that they like the usual. The usual has been good to them. They’ve learned to see the world through a paradigm and it’s only when the paradigm shifts that we’re able to see what’s been infront us all along. 

Those people who are resisting your shift, your revolution, your cultural revolution, your scientific revolution, there’s nothing wrong with them. They’re not a special breed of people, they are us, each one of us. I’m as guilty as they are!

In the early 90s when the World Wide Web came along, I didn’t get it. It wasn’t as good as email, it wasn’t as good as a long awaited landline phone call. When Photoshop changed their interface, I said I can’t keep up with this anymore, I like it the old way and if you look at my music collection you’re not going to find a lot from the cutting edge, from what’s new or what’s now. I’m cranky too, I’m stuck in my old paradigms. This is normal, it’s human, it’s what we built our culture on. 

But, the Act of moving from the nerds and geeks, the early adopters, people who are neophiliac, through the population, the act of causing these revolutions to occur, that’s our hardest work. It’s the work we have to do to bring the culture along, and it’s starts now.

What are you doing to change your prospects mind about your offer? How’s is your offer going to change your customers lives, your community’s culture, the way of doing things. The usual is not going to cut in this connected world of chaos. To stand out of the noise, you have to present yourself as the change your customers or users seek. Start now, get perfect later!

Burt Baguma
Burt Baguma
The writer is a Ghost Writer, Blogger, Web Developer and Online Marketing consultant. A Senior Manager at Burt Systems Uganda. Baguma has been writing for the digital world for over a decade and has worked with hundreds of small business owners across different cultures around the world.

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