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Learn online marketing techniques that range from online content creation to social media promotion to converting and nurturing customer leads and beyond. By the end of class with Smart Marketing, you’ll be well on your way to building your business' online marketing strategy geared towards finding more customer leads, engaging and nurturing them, converting the leads into buying customers and retaining customers that are crucial to your business growth.

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Online marketing course uganda

Learn the modern online marketing skills that include content creation and distribution, social marketing, generating customer leads, naturing and converting leads into customers. This course will put you in the right path to creating a great marketing strategy for your business. Read all

10 lessons

6 hours

Content Marketing Course Uganda

Content is key in your online marketing game plan. Your message in whichever way you're going to broadcast it needs content to get consumed. But you have to know how to get the right content for the right audience. This is the introductory course you need to take. Read all

12 lessons

7:30 hours

Email Marketing Course Uganda

Lear how to manage your contacts and segment them into groups that would want receive relevant content from you. Analysing your email sends, make better marketing decisions and also learn how to build an email list. Read all

9 lessons

6:25 hours

Socaiel Media Marketing Course Uganda

This introductory course will put you in the right path to creating communities that want to engage with your brand, attract new ones and maintain the loyal customers using social media strategies. Read all

9 lessons

6:55 hours

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