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Why Cheap Website Designers Always Fail

Why Cheap Website Designers Always Fail

Did you know that 75% of business websites receive a failing grade of 59 or lower?Click To Tweet

A simple solution many bosses come up with to solve these embarrassing ROI numbers is – look for another website designer and order for a fresh web design. This new website suffers the same green mile fate – into the dark lonely online corner of no clicks and scrolls. A few months pass by and the cycle is repeated all over again until the business completely closes.

The problem is that most business are busy running their businesses and simply don’t understand the Internet, all the Digital Marketing lingo social media marketers are throwing at them and how all is important in today’s business success. But being business people they hire that expert among the local website designers, he definitely seems to know what he is doing, didn’t he work on such and such a website, he talks the talk and his prices are reasonable.

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Therein lies the problem, not all website designers are created equal, in fact most of them are useless and don’t have any real clue when it comes to business, let alone designing a website that generates the results a client wants, needs and expects.

Looking into this a little further, at a recent Kahil Insights webinar in Kampala, one hundred website content managers were asked what their average website deal is worth with the vast majority (85%) saying that their average project was less than one million Uganda shillings. The reason being that these web designers are forced to compete on price as they cannot deliver the content marketing value (ROI) of those in the higher price brackets.

Cheap Website Designers Always Fail

Why cheap website designers always Fail online businesses.

So understanding that most businesses lack the in-house expertise to develop a really successful online presence, businesses are hiring web designers that more often than not price themselves out of business and simply cannot deliver the value with the end result being a website that looks good, but sits with the other eighty percent of websites and never delivers a meaningful return on investment.

Nothing demonstrates this better than your typical web designer interviewing a prospective client. Here’s a dialogue from Website Designs Blog.

Prospect: “hello Web Designer, we need a new website”
Web Designer: “we can help you with that, what do you want in the website”
Prospect: “I thought we would have all the usual stuff, about pages, company page, new offices, products page, contact us”
Web Designer: “great, that sounds like a great website and I can sure help you make this a success”
Prospect: “how much will it cost and how long will it take to build?”
Web Designer: “it’ll cost four hundred thousand shillings to build and will take me two weeks to complete it”
Prospect now client: “great that’s within our budget, when can you start” 

I imagine many of the people reading this will have experienced conversation similar in some way to the one above, and can relate to it. The problem with the conversation is that the website designer is so focused on closing the sale and being able to eat for the next month that instead of finding out what the clients online goals are and then tailoring the content to achieve these goals, the web designer simply asks what do you want to include in it, thus effectively making the least experienced person, the one making the most critical decisions.

Is it any wonder almost 75% of Website fail?

You’ve probably already guessed, we’re one of those in the top price bracket as I firmly believe that it’s our job to do the very best that we can for every single client. We’ve done this for ten years and we know what works and what doesn’t – continual learning, writing, research, conversion rate optimization and monitoring of clients websites analytics ensures I keep my edge in this highly competitive industry.

Cheap Website Designers Always Fail

Let’s look at this from a professional angle ….

Prospect: “hello Web Designer, we need a new website”
Web Designer: “great, I can help you with that, what are you trying to achieve with your new website”
Prospect: “we want to increase the number of leads we generate”
Web Designer: “That’s great goal. Could you elaborate more?”
Prospect: “Yes, our main goal is to generate more sales from our website and we don’t seem to have any success with the current one.”
Web Designer: “Tell me more about your current website?”
Prospect: “Well, it’s a sitting duck, that’s what one of our employees called it.”
Web Designer: “Ha ha ha. You don’t say. Send me your link and let’s schedule a quick consult before we take a decision. We’ll take it from there.”

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The whole conversation is focused now on the business and what it wants to achieve online, there are numerous other stages I carry out, but if you compare both conversations you can draw your own conclusion as to why one web designer is priced considerably higher and generating greater returns on investment whereas the other delivers something that simply looks good for the boss’ new MacBook.

What do you think?

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Burt Baguma
Burt Baguma
The writer is a Ghost Writer, Blogger, Web Developer and Online Marketing consultant. A Senior Manager at Burt Systems Uganda. Baguma has been writing for the digital world for over a decade and has worked with hundreds of small business owners across different cultures around the world.


  1. Thanks for sharing an informative post on the necessity of choosing the right web designers. I came to know from your post that there are lots of cheap web designers available in the designing industry. It is alarming to know that cheap web designers are mostly responsible for the failure of online businesses. It is surprising to know that a website which looks good but does not offer the owner a better return on investment. It is important that I choose a web designer who listens to my online goals and includes the design elements based on it. It is worth investing for better web design as it can generate more number of leads for your business. The post made me understand the importance of choosing a highly skilled web designer who is focused on the success of your online business. I recommend the post to my friends so that they are not cheated by the cheap web designers in the web designing market.

    Thank You.

  2. I cannot agree to this fact because there are some good agencies which offers quality low cost web design services at an affordable cost. If you go with the freelancers who doesn’t have prior experience then definitely you will be in trouble so instead of going to them you can hire the experts from affordable webdesign agencies.

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