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What is Marketing? For real!

What is marketing?

What is Marketing? Defining marketing in terms that you would understand easily.

The cardinal marketing sin is being boring.

Dan S Kennedy, Author Magnetic Marketing 

It would be fare for us to imagine that your small business is all about offering value, right? But offering value is not enough. 

If no one knows (or cares) about what you have to offer, it doesn’t matter how much value you create. Without Marketing, no business can survive—people who don’t know you exist can’t purchase what you have to offer, and people who aren’t interested in what you have to offer won’t become paying customers.

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It’s hard to work from home and stay productive with everyone hovering over you.

Ways to stay productive working remotely.

Every successful business finds a way to attract the attention of the right people and make them interested in what’s being offered. Without prospects, you won’t sell anything, and without completing profitable transactions, your business will fail.

So really, what is marketing?

Marketing is the art and science of finding “prospects”—people who are actively interested in what you have to offer. 

The best businesses in the world find ways to attract the attention of qualified prospects quickly and inexpensively. The more prospects you entice, the better off your business will be.

Marketing is not the same thing as selling. 

While “direct marketing” strategies often try to minimize the time between attracting attention and asking for the sale, Marketing and selling are two different things.

Marketing is about getting noticed; Sales, which author Kaufman Josh discusses in his best seller “Personal MBA” (Chapter 4), is about closing the deal.

Online marketing then, is taking all that and doing it online or over the internet channels to attract and engage with your customer. 

Online marketing (or digital marketing) uses connected channels like Paid Media (search advertising and display advertising), Owned Media (your company website and email list) and Earned Media (Social Media).

How To Start An Online Business

Take your business online. Find, engage and serve your customers on internet.

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