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Did you ever have a friend inviting you to Facebook or Twitter to share a conversation or build your social relation? That is the power of social media today; they can influence the brand value of any major/minor company across the world! That too, just by clicking “Like”.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the practice of attracting potential traffic or attention through the use of social media sites like Google+ and Facebook.

How Can Social Media Help A Business? When using social media from a marketing perspective it can often lead to finding new relevant content for a business to build upon. Often times it is used by many businesses as an outlet to share their content with others.

How Can Social Media Help

Social Media Marketing & Management

How Can Social Media Help Your Business?

It could take a business over 3 months to get results from SEO and to increase visibility on internet even with the best Website Design. As business owners don’t have time or patience the ultimate solution is to use Social Media Marketing to get quick website traffic. People communicate, socialize and network mostly online and these sites have huge traffic but you need to have a helping hand to market your business online to reap the benefits.

Placing your product or brand in front of millions of web users participating in social networking is the strategy of Social Media Marketing. This is the platform where you create and spread buzz about your business for quick results. Apart from creating buzz, it gets quality inbound links, improves web traffic and gives you more control on your brand image.

There are thousands of Social Media websites available all around internet, it becomes tricky for you to select the best sites which can get you the desired audience. Expert consultants at Burt Systems will introduce to the best Social Media sites by creating for you a Business Page on social sites like YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, FaceBook,, Pinterest and advice on how to add value and rip Social Media Marketing benefits.

How We Do Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing & Management

Normal marketing and advertising rules do not apply as communities are sensitive to their unique code of conduct that is respected at all times.

At Burt Systems we work with our clients to build a specific, well-outlined social media strategy. Then, we take that strategy and roll it out across a variety of social media platforms. Platforms such as:

Once we establish a social presence for your business, we determine which of the platforms will garnish the most engagement. Engagement is based on the social site and your clientele/demographic.

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