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Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses

Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses in Uganda

Social media is all the rage. We'll bet that not a week (or perhaps even a day) goes by when you're not having a colleague connect with you on LinkedIn, receiving a friend request on Facebook, or hearing about Twitter on TV. Question is: how well are you using Social Media Marketing to your small business advantage?

Why should you care about social media?

What is social media? The all-knowing Wikipedia defines social media as “Internet-based tools for sharing and discussing information among human beings.” That's not a bad definition. We'd simplify it and say that social media is about people connecting, interacting, and sharing online.

Why should you care about social media? The answer is the same as why you should care about Google search—because it provides a great way to reach and engage potential customers. As is the case with Google, more of your potential customers hang out at the social media watering holes, so this is where you need to hang out, too, if you want to engage with them.

You can find a variety of social media sites on the web today. These include social networking (such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn), social news sites (like reddit), and social bookmarking/discovery sites (like Pocket). Each has its different uses, but most share the ability to create a user profile, connect to others on the site, and interact and share information with the network's community of people.

Social media management is a long road and a way of doing business; it's not a campaign. It needs long-term funding, support, and organizational commitment. The results will not be easy to tie to direct outcomes, but the impact of a community that is well-nurtured grows exponentially. ~ Mike McDerment, CEO of FreshBooks

Social Media Management for Uganda small business

Organic Social Media Marketing

No matter what stage your small business startup is in, you'll want to start or continue to grow your social media audience. The more people you can reach on social media organically and through advertising, the higher your on-going sales will be.

Being able to distinguish the difference between organic social media marketing and traditional social media advertising is key. Which is the more effective traffic generation and customer acquisition channel between the two? Where should a social media marketer invest their resources – time, effort and dollars (or shillings) in Uganda

In the social ecosystem, there has been a roaring debate going on for a very long time over the use of Paid Advertising vs. Organic Marketing, and which one provides better value for a brand’s social marketing strategies. To play and win the game, you must know the rules of the game. We understand how social algorithms work to get maximum organic social traffic to your website. And our organic social media marketing plan works like this:-

Forming the strategy. Our team first learns about the your business needs, who your customer is, which social watering hole your customers hang at and what do they like doing there. Doing so will help identify the social networks most important to your business.

Content and promotion strategy. We create a plan for creating content (Graphics, Video, Blog Posts, White papers, etc ) and publishing across your social media accounts so we can hit the ground running. Engaging content will encourage your customers to make purchases and also share their experiences with their friends.

Building your influence. As your social following increases, so does your social influence and authority. The more engaging content you create, the more influential you become which converts into traffic for your website or purchase for your services.

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Managing Your Social Media Accounts - Social Media Management in Uganda

Paid Social Media Advertising

A large number of social media marketers believe that paid social media ads deliver results. That’s a half-truth. Simply investing dollars in paid social ads will do you no good; rather your ad should be click-worthy!

The Return On Investment (ROI) of your paid social media ads largely depends on how enticing the ads are. We make the most of your social media marketing budget, ensuring your ads have the right call-to-action buttons with a link to your website or a landing page. Here is the list of instances where our social media marketing team will advise you to opt for paid social ads over organic social marketing:

To create brand awareness: An aspiring entrepreneur will not have a huge follower base on social channels for their start-up. So, to grab eyeballs in a short period of time we could take the road of paid social ads.

To drive instant traffic to your website: Unlike organic social marketing, paid social ads instantly deliver results. The moment your ad goes live on social channels, you will get to see a large number of visitors on your web pages. We recommend paid social media ads especially for when you're planning to make a new announcement or if you are launching a new product/service for your brand.

Targeting a specific audience segment: With optimized paid social media ads, we target a specific group of people based on their demographic or location details. These narrow bands of people are highly likely to click on our ad and visit your website as they are prospects who might be looking for a product/service that you are offering.

For a limited time offer: A social media user needs to know about your special or limited time offer before it expires. Posting such ads on your social pages will do you no good if a follower stumbles upon it after it has expired. So, if you are marketing products or services with an expiration date, you absolutely recommend paid social ads.

Paid ads will help get the ball rolling and gain the initial needed exposure for your start-up, but to continue gaining traffic you definitely need to have concrete plans for organic social marketing. It is therefore advisable for you to use both the strategies in tandem to see significant growth in web traffic.

Still not sure which form of social media marketing you would leverage to boost traffic? Talk to one of our social media marketing gurus, the first consult is on the house and you'r under no obligation to hire us.

Managing Your Social Media Accounts - Social Media Management in Uganda

Managing Your Social Media Accounts

Social media moves fast, the algorithms are getting smarter resolving your brand to protect the user if you move slow. It’s important that you’re constantly managing your social media to make sure you’re responding to comments and questions quickly and reviewing the content that is being posted. Our Social media team will keep abreast with all this giving you time to supervise your production. Better yet, we'll come into your office and train your personnel on some our strategies so you keep control of marketing. Take a look at what we can do for you with our social media management tools;

Managing on-going engagement. Over time, patterns will develop based on the type of content being created. Using this to your advantage will help you get the most out of your campaign.

Continued consulting. We like stay connected with our clients in order to keep ideas fresh and to ensure the ongoing strategy is still aligned with your goals and objectives.

Valuable Monitoring. Our team works hard to find the latest social media monitoring tools and tactics to make sure our efforts are working. We monitor things like engagement and popularity of posts so we always know how we can improve.

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We love our smartphones, laptops and tablets but while new technology is thrilling for consumers, it presents new challenges for brands. In the early days of online marketing, you could simply set up a website and frame your content in any way you wanted and still get relevant traffic to your website.

Now that Internet users are going mobile and have their own social options, chances are that they won’t stumble across your site on their own. This is why it’s so important for brands to invest their content on social platforms. You need to be able to push your content around without having it tied down to your domain. We have mastered the social watering hole and understand who, how and when they use it. Use our social media marketing strategies, you'll not regret it. Contact our team now and get a free 30 minute consult, No obligations, NO fees.


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Social Media Marketing FAQs

1What is Social Media Management?
Social media management is the process of creating content and engagements with your brand throughout your social platforms. Whether you’re maintaining consistency with your organic posts or turning paid advertisements into leads for your business, maintaining your social platforms is crucial to your brand visibility. Your customers want to interact with you and keeping up with those interactions is vital to the success of your company.
2Can Social Media Increase My Sales?
Yes, depending on how you are managing your social profiles. If you are just reposting excerpts of blog posts, probably not. If you are interacting with customers, keeping them informed of specials that you are running, and/or are running ads to a targeted prospective customer demographic, then there is a high likelihood that these activities will increase your sales.
3How much does the management of social posts cost?
It is a reasonable monthly fixed cost based on how many platforms and how often we will be posting on your behalf. We have several packages to choose from and we can also customize a package based on your specific needs.
4What social management tool do you use?
We use a blend of proprietary and third-party tools to obtain optimal campaign performance.
1Can Social Media Improve My Business?
Yes, and there are many ways that improvement can be realized. Staying engaged with your current customers, such as keeping them informed of special promotions or new services, is the most common usage for businesses. Many businesses however also run paid campaigns to attract potential customers that fit a targeted demographic or profile.
2How Much Does Social Advertising Cost?
While we can make recommendations, ultimately the ad spend budget is determined by the client. We wouldn’t recommend a monthly spend of less than $100 for a local business or $1,000 for national reach. Our fees are based on a percentage of ad spend, with a minimum retainer.
3Which social platforms should I be focused on?
That depends on your specific campaign goals. If you are looking to generate sales, Facebook & Instagram is usually our first choice. For clients with larger budgets, Linkedin is also a good option for generating leads. If your goal is to engage your current customer base, Facebook and Twitter would be appropriate.
4What should the goals be for our social strategy?
That would depend on the business. If you are a newer organization without much of a client base, using social advertising to generate new customers should probably be your primary goal. If you are more established, we would typically recommend a two-pronged approach of using engaging posts to interact with your current clients and social ads to bring in new customers.
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