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Computer Repair and Laptop Repair

We are a full service cost-efficient In-shop Uganda Computer Repair and On-site Entebbe Computer Repair, that has built highly skilled team of Computer Support Technicians with a broad range of experience in all things technical…

Burt Systems Computer/Laptop Repair offer repair services for MAC and PC – laptop screen replace, LCD screen repair, LCD screen replacement, Dc-in power jack repair, virus removal, data recovery, Windows Upgrades & Installations, iOS updates and more.

Burt Systems understands how frustrating it can be when computer doesn’t work the way you expect them to. It can be a challenge for anyone to keep their computer fully protected from the countless threats that surface every day. That is why we specialize in Computer Repair and Laptop Repair in Entebbe area – and other services like; web site design and organic SEO marketing.

If you’re trying to diagnose your computer and what it will take to fix it, we can help. We can provide you with a complete diagnostic evaluation and discuss all available options for your computer repair or laptop repair.

Apple Macbook Repair & Computer Repair Services

Laptop Repair, Computer Repair, Mac Repair, Apple Repair – Services

Here is just part of the problems we fix and the services offered:

Virus/Spyware removal
Stop errors aka “Blue Screen of Death”
Power issues/not powering on
Optimization and general cleanup
Start the computer from scratch with all the latest updates
Computer’s wireless not connecting to any networks/can’t find a signal
Cracked laptop screen/dim screen
Not booting into Windows
Can’t connect to internet
Hard drive failure
Keep up with the latest drivers and updates
Can’t play movies or videos
No sound


Computer Services

Operating System: Mac Computer Repair, Windows Computer Repair – in Entebbe – Uganda
Product: Computer Hardware Repair, Computer System Repair, Desktop Computer Repair, Laptop Repair
Service: Computer Installation, Computer Repair, Virus Removal
Type: Business Computer Repair


Network: LAN Networking, VPN Networking, WAN Networking, Wireless Networking
Service: Network Administration, Network Configuration, Network Installation, Network Routing, Network Security
Type: Commercial Networking

IT Consultants

Network: LAN Consultants, VPN Consultants, WAN Consultants
Operating System: Mac Consultants, Windows Consultants
Service: Computer System Design, IT Customization, IT Planning
Specialty: Computer Security Consultants


Assurances: Accredited, Bonded, Certified, Insured, Licensed, References Available, Warranties
Convenience: 24 Hour Service, By Phone, Emergency Service, Online, Onsite Service, Open 24 Hours
Language: English Speaking
Payment Options: Cash, Cheque, Mobile Money and Bank Transfer
Promotions: Coupons, Volume Discount

Bring in your computer and we’ll take a quick look. Usually we can give you some idea of the repair cost (although it’s possible we may not be sure what the problem is until we begin the actual computer repair).

computer repair services in Entebbe - Uganda

Entebbe Technical Computer Repair Office

Upgrade your Existing PC

Get a new PC or upgrade the old? The decision to upgrade a PC can be a little complicated. Obviously the more components in your computer that need to be upgraded, the less likely that an upgrade is worthwhile. But sometimes it really does make sense. When you bring your computer to us for repair we’ll help you determine what upgrades are possible and quote you a price that makes sense.

We’re upgrading computers every day at BurtSystems. You are welcome to bring your PC into BurtSystems for a free upgrade quote estimate. No appointment is necessary. Just come in during our regular hours or call us at 256-414-573-105. If you need a quote please click here to get a quote.
We can upgrade and optimize your existing computer(s) to today’s demanding standards, thus keeping your systems at the cutting edge of technology.

Installation Services at your Home/Office

We offer your computer or laptop installation in Entebbe area, for a minimal fee. If you require this service please notify us at (256-414-573-105) and we will quote you the best price.

Hardware Installations

We take the hassle out of the hardware installation process. Our services range from installation of simple CD-ROM to Medium-size office Networks and Servers. With prior notice we can offer purchasing advice to help avoid common problems with incompatibility and performance.

CD / DVD-ROMS, Hard & Portable Drives, Memory, Network Cards, Video & Sound Cards, Modems, and many more…

Software Installations

Let us worry about updating and installing your software. This service involves the installation, configuration and validation of the applicable software on your system (or network) along with ensuring correct functionality with hardware and other software. Anti-Virus, Service Releases, Security Patches

NOTE: BurtSystems will not accept liability for any loss of any programs, data, or removable storage media. The customer is responsible for saving (backing up) any programs, data, or removable storage media prior to sending the goods to BurtSystems for repair unless customer is willing to pay for and advise BurtSystems to back up the data.

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