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The Rules of Social Media Marketing

Rules of Social Media Marketing Uganda

The Rules of Social Media Marketing

The two most common hindrances to small businesses investing in social media marketing are fear and not knowing the rules of engagement. Fear is a big one for me to attack right now—that’s for another blog post. In this story I explain the most important rules of Social Media Marketing that will help your small business marketing department to become more comfortable dealing with social marketing.

Just like anything else, social media marketing has a rule-set. If you are afraid that you will break the rules – it helps to know the rules first. But the rules in social media marketing aren’t very strict – there is no one way to do things in social media marketing, no single right way that fits all businesses.

The 3 Top Rules of Social Media Marketing

Before we get into specific guidelines and action plans, we have to look into what we here at Burt Systems regard as the 3 most important rules of social media Marketing (and therefore social media traffic generation).

These 3 rules are what makes social media marketing and traffic generation complicated and very interesting at the same time, and it’s these rules that you need to focus all your social media marketing energy.

Alright, let’s do the boardwalk …..

social media rules
Create social content that your users enjoy!

Rule 1. — It’s Never About You

To build an audience on social media you have to know what that audience wants. If you don’t know this, you have to find out. And then you have to give the audience exactly what they want. That is what makes you valuable.

The concept of becoming valuable for your audience can be easily cultivated by a savvy marketer. If you really want to go deep into customer value, send me an email right now or subscribe to my newsletter and be the first to get a copy of that post before we make it live. Otherwise for now, I’ll get you up-to-speed on the first rule of social media marketing by diving into rule #2.

Rule 2 — You Can Do Whatever You Want As Long As ……

Relax, I know I just said you cannot do what you want in rule one. Well, you should always try to move in the direction that your audience wants you to go. But occasionally you’ll be faced with decisions on what you have to try, should or shouldn’t do and whether you do is the right way to do it.

Take a look at some examples of the actions you may have to take:

  • Sending automated direct messages or not.
  • Automating your social media accounts or doing everything manually.
  • Marketing your products directly on your social media channels or not.

You will be facing a lot of these types of decisions – and many online marketing consultants and self-made social media experts will tell you that you should never do anything of this type of thing. They are wrong!.

You might be able to get magnificent results out of any of these types of actions – as long as you keep honoring the 2nd rule of social media marketing.

This rule states that you can do whatever you want as long as your audience doesn’t object.

Rule 3— Be Consistent, Keep Going and Never Stop!

The social media landscape is constantly changing and it will continue to do so. What works today might lose its effectiveness tomorrow. The clever trick you tried today might result in your followers beginning to move away from you tomorrow.

Sounds scary, right? In my opinion this is your chance. It doesn’t matter whether you started your campaign years ago or whether you are starting out today – you can still walk your own path to success.

In 2018 Burt Systems tested and proved rules 1&2 and if you follow our channels, you might have noticed this. We failed miserably when we didn’t meet up to the rule, that’s why I’m very confident to write about them.

If you are persistent and don’t give up – if you are willing to move and move again, your success is waiting for you.

So, the 3rd rule of social media marketing states: No matter how long you’ve been doing this — starting out or continuing where you stopped — once you started your journey you should never stop moving and you should keep consistent in what content you provide to your followers.

Congratulations, you now can step right in and engage your users with these simple important rules of social media marketing. Keep going. But wait – here is your homework. I know, you won’t look good infront of your kids but you gotta keep going, remember!.


Examine the following site and their Facebook page

  • Visit the following website:
  • And their Facebook fanpage:
  • Answer the following questions as best as you can:
  • What product is being offered by Burt Systems
  • What is the target audience for Burt Systems
  • How does Burt Systems serve what its target audience wants/expects on their Fanpage?
  • Do you believe they could improve what they are doing?Why?

Indulge yourself, write theses answers in the comment section below or sit back and contemplate who your social media followers are, what type of content would you be serving them and how.


What are the 3 Most Important Rules Of Social Media Marketing?

  1. It’s never about you and what you want. What counts is what your audience wants!
  2. You can do whatever you want and go wherever you like as long as your audience doesn’t object.
  3. Be consistent, never stop and never give up.
Burt Baguma
Burt Baguma
The writer is a Ghost Writer, Blogger, Web Developer and Online Marketing consultant. A Senior Manager at Burt Systems Uganda. Baguma has been writing for the digital world for over a decade and has worked with hundreds of small business owners across different cultures around the world.

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