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eCommerce Website Design

eCommerce Website Design

Welcome to the 21st Century way of doing business, welcome to the world of electronic Commerce (eCommerce). The fully independent and online way of executing all forms of trades.

If you are looking to get your products online and sell to a wider range of markets, we can help you create the perfect eCommerce website design. Whatever your requirements are we can provide a professional solution that will help boost your selling. Our eCommerce website design solutions are very flexible and have numerous plugins that can increase your website’s functionality.

Our eCommerce website design service focuses on technical, operational, as well as marketing elements required to deliver superior results.  This will in turn strengthen customer relationships, improve brand awareness, increase sales and over all contribute to competitive advantage.

We Make it Easy to Sale Online

You must be excited about all of the endless possibilities of a virtual store, you have the right products and you are ready to get started. You know you must be able to build, manage and expand your store whether you start with 1 or 100,000 products. But, where do you begin? The choices for the look of your store, the shopping cart functionality and the payment processing options can be mind-boggling.

Let our ecommerce website design team build you a more engaging and profitable eCommerce website

Our Pro eCommerce Website Design

sale your products online; eCommerce website design

Magento Shopping Cart Solution

The Magento platform is amongst the top eCommerce platforms in the industry. Its flexibility allows for complete customization to establish the unique look and feelyou deserve… that is if you are one who demands to stand out from the crowd. That is our motive here at Burt Systems!

Product Display At Its Finest

Product display is a key component for quality customer service, as I’m sure you have come across this issue at one point or another. There are several product display options we can include into your product pages that will allow a more visible and crisp product display. Hover and zoom options allow shoppers to view the items more closely simply by hovering over the product image. Larger thumbnails may do the trick as well and most often give a more natural view of the product. Details are key when it comes to product display, so it is a primary focus in our design process.

Put Your Shop ONLINE; eCommerce website design

We Write Product Descriptions

If you are having trouble coming up with your product descriptions, our creative writing team can take care of this for you. Our team of writing professionals will help produce the written content you need to get your message across.

Site Security Is a Must

Our eCommerce sites comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), a standard for payment security over the web. We know security is a key issue for your customers, so it’s a code of standard we comply with and deliver into the hands of your users.

Features Include:

eCommerce Website Design Pro

Proper Navigation The Customer Demands

Site navigation is one of those key areas that need to be fine tuned and dialed down to the demands of the customer. Through an in-depth research process into online customer behaviors, we are better guided to understanding key areas that are most important in your customers shopping experience. After all, online customer experience and product availability are what deliver high conversion rates.

Product Searching Made Easy

While we are on the topic of customer experience, it’s important to consider having an in-site search bar that allows your customers to skip the navigation process and get straight to the content most relevant to their search. Our platforms offer a highly sophisticated in-site search option that gets straight to the meat and potatoes your customer is searching for.

Eliminate Confusion and Lengthy Checkout Processes

The checkout process can make you or brake you. When it comes to closing the sale, fast and to the point is key. Our straight and to-the-point designs get the information they need and the customer on their way.

The Mobile Friendly eCommerce Experience

Mobile experience is a must on today’s web considering 35% of all online purchases are done over a mobile device (phone or tablet). That is the percent any business owner would not want to miss out on. All our websites are mobile responsive considering. Great read: Mobile Commerce Poised to Eclipse Traditional Online Spend

Social Sharing E-Commerce Platforms

The social sharing option for your e-commerce store allows your customers to share the products they’re interested in through social media networks. Sharing is caring, and for you sharing is winning! Social media platforms to be shared on can include Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

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