A professional website without a professional price tag

Business: Get a professional website without a professional price tag

Business: Get a professional website without a professional price tag

Are you a small business owner who wants an interactive website with demo videos? A pro blogger who wants to try out a bunch of premium themes before committing? A non-profit building its first website, and in need of a little extra support? Say goodbye to sky-high web development costs and hello to Burt-Systems.com Business.

Everything a growing business needs, at a price a growing business can handle.

Our users already know how perfect it is to build great websites with Burt Systems: we’re flexible, powerful, and scale along with you. BurtSystems Business makes it even easier to build a site that supports your growing business long-term by giving you every tool you need up front.

  • Live support from friendly people, so you can get one-on-one help from a real human when you need it.
  • Unlimited premium themes, so you can find the perfect look for your site without worrying about costs.
  • Unlimited storage, so you can have all the video or audio content you want without dealing with YouTube or Vimeo.

Now, your site can hit the ground running, no upgrades or add-ons needed. BurtSystems Business also includes everything we already offer with our Premium offers:

  • A custom web address (domain name) your customers will remember.
  • Advanced design tools and web fonts so your site reflects your brand.
  • Video and audio uploads, to wow your clients with demos and testimonials.
  • No Ads, so people who visit your site are 100% focused on you.

And of course, the free features that make BurtSystems the choice for so many businesses and bloggers — the security, unlimited bandwidth, one-click integration with social networks, and mobile apps — are part of the deal, too.

A professional website without a professional price tag.

Want to change up the look of your site? Try a premium theme or two (try four or five, and you’ve already made up the cost of BS Business). Trying to build a brand? Use Custom Design to match colors and fonts. Need a little hand-holding? A Happiness Engineer will walk you through whatever you don’t know.

With premium themes free and our largest storage upgrade, BurtSystems Business starts saving you money from the moment you sign up. And anyone who’s ever had a website crisis knows that expert live support is priceless.  At $299 each, BurtSystems Business saves you much more in developer, designer, and support costs, making it a great choice for your business and your bottom line.

Take your business and your brand online with a few clicks.

Start with choosing a WordPress theme — our favorite part — and then use Custom Design to tweak it to your needs. Upload your logo. Change the colors and fonts. Get your hands dirty by tweaking the CSS. You have unlimited choice from our collection of free and premium themes, which include themes designed for specific users like restaurants, musicians, or magazines as well as elegant, flexible themes suitable for a variety of sites. Try one premium WP theme, or try them all. All our current premium WP themes and every premium theme we will ever launch will be available to you for no extra cost, and you can switch between them at will.

Next up, we add your own web address: one domain is included with the price, so you can extend your brand even further (you can also use an existing domain and point it to your new WordPress site). Now we can import content from your other sites, upload all your images and videos — with unlimited storage, you can have all the promos, testimonials, or demonstrations your customers can handle — or start chatting with a Happiness Engineer in real time with any questions.

Happiness Engineers are standing by.

We’re just getting started with live support on WordPress, and we will be experimenting with both text chat and voice. For now, our focus is on offering you text chat during UG business hours (EAT). We’ll be collecting your feedback on how we can improve and expand live support as the service evolves.

BurtSystems Business is available now, for $250 for one site. Already have WordPress CMS Site? Stay tuned for an upgrade path. And as your business grows, so can your site. If you need even more, contact us, and we will give you the best of WordPress with VIP features such as 70+ approved plugins and Javascript customization.

Focus on what matters — growing your business.

If you’re starting or growing a small business, you know how important it is to have a great website — and you don’t have money or time to waste. With BS Business, you get all the tools you need to build a rich, engaging website that supports your goals without having to hire a full time web developer (or turn yourself into one). We’ll worry about backups and bandwidth; you worry about your business.

Burt Baguma
Burt Baguma
Burt Baguma is the founder and Managing Director at Burt Systems and Smart Marketing. A Blogger, Ghost Writer, Web Developer and Online Marketing consultant. For over a decade, Burt has engaged with writers, bloggers, managers and small business owners scattered around the world on business growth and has picked up valuable skills along his path. He would like to share all with you only if you you can connect LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter

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