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Raise your hand if you know a business that would like more visitors to its website, more leads for its sales team — and more customers to fuel growth. I know, you don’t have to. We all know businesses that want to grow. There are millions of them.

Now, raise your hand if you love getting cold calls from eager salespeople after you settle into your office for a busy day. Or spam e-mails with irrelevant offers in your inbox. Or an unknown WhatsApp message inviting you for wedding meeting. How about popup ads when you’re trying to read an article on the Internet? No literal hands up? Didn’t think so. And, as it turns out, most other people share your sentiment.

The problem is that there’s a fundamental mismatch between how organizations are marketing and selling their offerings — and the way that people actually want to shop and buy. We all want to help our organizations grow, but nobody (including marketers) likes the way we are commonly marketed to.


About a century ago, most companies were local businesses and most of their marketing happened door-to-door. The introduction of motion pictures, radio, and television platforms ushered in the first major marketing shift in the last century as companies found it much more efficient to do mass outbound marketing to consumers and businesses. The new efficient marketing model enabled companies to skyrocket revenue and fuel their growth.

Companies such as MTN, Safaricom, and ESKOM, as well as other major African firms that were masters of efficiently converting huge sums of money into even more valuable customer relationships through outbound marketing, grew into the behemoths they are today.

This outbound marketing revolution has lasted long enough and is winding down as people become more efficient at blocking marketing interruptions and turn instead to the web for their learning and shopping needs. This seismic shift in the way commerce takes place is giving rise to a whole new set of large companies, as well as a new type of Marketing that has taken much of my interest and time, Inbound Marketing.

As a younger employee, marketing mostly pissed me off because the old rules, the 4 P’s and all those traditional marketing rules somehow worked but I never understood why they worked on other people but me. Today after pushing the inquiry harder, I’ve had to learn the new rules of inbound marketing in order to convert creativity, content, and conversation into valuable customers for my clients.

I’ve learned that you can’t simply move your advertising budget and 30-second TV spot online — it won’t work. Pushing a message at a potential customer when that message has not been requested will fail as a major source of new customers, and by extension, revenue, for most companies.

The reshaping of the industrial landscape has already begun: Is your company part of this new change? If it is, then you want me as part of your team. If it is not, how come you managed to read this far.

My Offer

I’m confident of the marketing skills I bring to the table because of the thousands of hours I’m investing in crafting my skill. I’ve failed thousands of times and will fail some more but that only encourages me to keep going deep. I don’t claim to know it all because I believe the success of archiving personal or a company’s primary goals is vested in the team of people and machines you surround yourself with. I don’t believe the traditional way is the best way but I believe in growth and change and applying what you have learned to unlearn and grow into something/someone better. Don’t ask me where/when I went to school but ask me why I’m confident of what I can and can’t do.

On the B-Side

Besides my professional work, I concessionary like to stop all that workplace drama, breath, read a good book and engage in a healthy conversation. Family, art, literature, science, psychology, yoga, meditation, stoicism, nature and the science of how the mind works are some of my major life’s interests – the things that keep my ego in check.

My best quote comes from one of the most admired classical Greek philosopher, Socrates – “I know I’m intelligent, because I know that I know nothing”. That quote encourages me to pursue deep work practices to the core of that which I know little or nothing.

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